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Aug 21,  · No, keep your PC 😉 I have seen this alot with laptops! Lets give this a try: Click the Start button > click Control Panel> click Hardware> and then click Mouse. Click the Pointer Options tab, and then do the following: Uncheck the Hide pointer while typing box. Hope this helps you. Let us know either way. Jumping cursor in Outlook and other Microsoft apps. Archived Forums > Office , Office , and Office ProPlus – IT Pro Discussions Microsoft Word , cursor jumps around and acting very erratic. Archived Forums > what are the differences between Office and Microsoft Outlook (whether. Answered | 1 Replies. Mar 14,  · When in outlook and if a signature is included, then typing causes a jumping cursor. Though this is also happening in other Office apps with no set reasoning. We have tried everything to prevent this from happening and only none Html mode and without a signature included does this happen.

Microsoft outlook 2016 cursor jumps around free outlook cursor jumping problem – Microsoft Community

Jun 07,  · I finally figured it out though, it seems every time Outlook automatically saves a “draft” email, the cursor jumps back to the beginning of the email. The solution: in Outlook, go to File>Options>Mail, then scroll down to the “Save messages” section, and un-check the box next to “Automatically save items that have not been sent after this many. Jumping cursor in Outlook and other Microsoft apps. Archived Forums > Office , Office , and Office ProPlus – IT Pro Discussions Microsoft Word , cursor jumps around and acting very erratic. Archived Forums > what are the differences between Office and Microsoft Outlook (whether. Answered | 1 Replies. Jul 08,  · Microsoft Office can be downloaded from our website for free. Some users state that the software features the following benefits: it has a nice interface and works well. The software relates to Office Tools. Our built-in antivirus checked this download and rated it as virus free. The actual developer of the software is Microsoft.

Okay – I have to say that I’ve been a Microsoft user for over 18 years, and the more and more I’m ready to bail. Currently I’ve had many issues with Office – well mainly Outlook. I use Outlook constantly throughout the day I have multiple windows open with Calendar, Inbox email and Contacts. What I’ve found with the new version is that among other issues with indexing, timeline in the calendar, etc If I use 2 fingers to scroll in Outlook Calendar, the scroll bar moves on the side, but nothing happens Sometimes it’ll scroll a little bit, but mostly it won’t do anything I’m just so fed up with bad MS products now.

This is just icing on the cake. My surface pro has many issues, Office is wrought with issues I’m sorry I moved past Windows 7 and Office We understand your frustrating.

According to your description, the Calendar Scrolling in Outlook is not working fine in your surface pro 3. Please provide detailed information about Windows OS version and Office version for further analysis. Also confirm if there is any changes upgrade, third-party program installation etc. If the issue occurred after you installed the Office , please upgrade your Windows, restart and reinstall Office to have a try.

If the issue occurred after you installed one specific program, uninstall it and confirm if the issue persists. Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help.

If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact tnmff microsoft. I am having the same issue on Outlook , but with a brand new Acer laptop with Windows 10 Pro.

Here is what happens:. On work week view and other views also , I have the pointer in the field of my days and times, I scroll with 2 fingers up or down, the scroll bar on the side moves to the top and bottom and little triangles appear at the top and bottom of each day. But the times and appointments do not move up or down. This is with a steady, slow scrolling action, keeping my fingers in contact with the touchpad. However, if I give a quick flick with my two fingers and lift them from the touchpad, it will scroll up and down, but too far and scrolls past my appointments to the beginning and end of the day.

If I have two calendars displayed, and the pointer is over the left calendar, when I scroll with a steady motion in my first example the calendar on the right will scroll and the left calendar remains stationary. If I have the pointer in the right calendar, the left calendar will scroll. Both will cause the right calendar appointments to no longer line up with the time slots shown on the left side of the left calendar.

Makes no sense. Who knows solution? Please switch to Mouse mode and confirm if the issue persists. I just want to add that I’m in the same boat. Scrolling in the Work Week calendar view using the mouse wheel does absolutely nothing on my machine.

This is the only view that I normally use, so I can’t say if any of the other views work or not. On my system, opening a second calendar makes no difference.

Neither calendar will scroll. Also, I tried both the mouse and the touch mode and neither made any difference. Still no scrolling. Do you have anything further on this topic? I haven’t seen any kind of response for a couple of days now. Then confirm if the issue persists. The following article releases the details about the latest Office version:.

I’ve performed the updates, no change in Outlook scrolling behavior: mouse scrolling works fine. Sorry that I have no further idea about this issue currently. Please understanding that there is no surface machine for me to test with Office The issue persists though we have do many troubleshooting in Office side. And no issue with mouse scrolling in Office application.

I suggest you can also contact the surface pro 3 support or ask a question in surface forum to confirm if other surface pro users can help you. I’m sorry you moved past Win 7, the best ever. After that MS Project Leaders removed everything they didn’t understand. The remains was named Windows 8.

Then some sane people stepped in and replaced the ignorant Project Leaders and improved some, but just some. They dubbed it Windows Apart from my ramblings, scrolling did work in Office , both Calendar and Contacts. Then someone did an “improvement” and scrolling works even today if you first forcibly scroll to the bottom and then back.

It’s as if a “cache” needs to be updated. I have a brand new Surface Book, Windows 10 and Office all up to date Please help! Outlook MSO I have no trouble scrolling on other programs, including other parts of the Office suite.

I can report the same using Office public release fully up to date on an i7 Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 Pro, also fully updated. It does not matter whether it is in mouse or tablet mode and is only when try to two finger scroll on the mouse touchpad of the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover. Using your finger to scroll directly on the touch screen works fine. Touching and sliding the scroll bar works fine. Left clicking and scrolling the scroll bar works fine. It is only quirky with two finger touchpad scrolling.

If you two finger scroll slowly, you can see the scroll slider bar move up or down, but the screen does not follow. If you scroll really fast, it will pull the whole screen up or down very quickly and typically past the time you wish to act on.

If you flick, it will scroll, but move in increments depending on the aggressiveness of your two finger flick. It absolutely does not move up and down smoothly and as the behavior would be expected as it does in the mail inbox or sidebars in Outlook, or in any other explorer or web window for example. Symptom is that 2-finger touchpad scrolling up and down does not work on the Dell machines – you can only ‘flick’ the window contents up or down; it’s uncontrolled.

Touch or mouse mode makes no difference on the Dells. I can use the touch screen to scroll ok. My Toshiba is NOT touchscreen and does not show the problem I wonder The weirdest thing is this – when performing the 2-finger scroll with the trackpad, you’ll actually see the scrollbar moving!

But the calendar window doesn’t move. Click on the new scrollbar position and the calendar window jumps to that new location. Sean listed most details and I can confirm the same on my machine, EXCEPT: I also experience the issue with the scroll wheel on my external mouse which scrolls all the way to the top or bottom of the calendar day but won’t scroll the opposite direction but jerks a bit as if it wants to be able to scroll back.

Odd thing is that the calendar tree menu on the left scrolls fine. It has nothing to do with your device as far as I am concerned. Because we have different device from tablet, Laptop etc.

I am using an acer notebook. And as you guys also said, everything regarding scrolling works, except the calender, which is actually the main feature which I use. I hope Microsoft fixes this issue with outlook soon. In Chrome, for most but not all web pages, I get jumpy and inconsistent scrolling when I use 2-finger scrolling or touch screen scrolling.

But mouse wheel scrolling is fine and smooth! In Windows File Explorer, left hand navigation window, 2-finger scrolling and touchscreen scrolling causes a weird inertial effect and video artifacts near the bottom of the window. But mouse wheel scrolling does not! Device Manager shows I am running the Microsoft touchpad driver v. Exact same thing here. It’s like it only wants you to look at your business hours or outside of business hours.

Cannot easily scroll to see what you want. Really frustrating. Still waiting from Microsoft for a fix on this. Must be Office Outlook software. The calendar view doesn’t move. Therefore no intuitive two finger vertical scrolling in Calendar view on Office Two finger scrolling only works when it is an aggressive flick.

Trying to smoothing scroll through the calendar at low speeds is impossible.